By purchasing a download, you agree to not crop, edit, or put filters over any of the pictures. The rights to the photos vary by which one you purchase.

Personal license photos are for your use only. They CANNOT to be used for sale ads, publicizing, resale, magazines, articles, etc. They CAN be used to post on social media, show to friends and family, etc.

Commercial license is the full rights to use the picture You CAN use them in ads, publicizing, magazines, articles, and personal use.

Low Res images are just for online use. They do NOT include printing rights.

High Res or Original Resolution images are both for online use and for printing. You CAN print them on canvases and larger prints.

Single Photo Downloads

Personal License

Low Res $11.99

High Res $29.99

Commercial License

Low Res $24.99

High Res $49.99

Gallery Downloads

Personal License

Low Res $89.99

High Res $224.99

Commercial License

Low Res $149.99

High Res $299.99

Print and canvas pricing varies greatly so I am still working on getting it all laid out. :)

Black Background Pictures

Black Background Sessions are $250 for 5 edited images. You can get more images in the session for $25 per additional picture. I can do horses or both horses and their people. These sessions generally run 30 minutes but I don't put a time limit.

(A custom package can be discussed.)

Equine Portraits

Equine Portrait sessions are $300 for 10-15 images including basic editing. There is no set time frame, but these sessions generally run for about an hour.

(A custom package can be discussed.)


Portrait sessions are $300 for 10-15 photos and an hour of shoot time. An outfit change is welcomed and encouraged. Location will be discussed and I can either recommend somewhere that fits the look of your shoot or we can go shoot somewhere you have in mind.

(A custom package can be discussed.)

Lesson Pictures

I can come out to your barn to take pictures of a lesson for $150 for an hour. This includes 10 pictures with the option to buy more for $10 a picture.

If there are multiple people in the same lesson or back to back, it's only $100 for each person.

Package Sessions

I offer a couple packages including:

-Black Background plus Portraits for $450.

-Mini Sessions for $150 including 5-7 pics and 30 minutes of shoot time. (Only for barns with groups of 3 or more at a time)

-Sale Horse Special for $175 including 3 conformation pics and 10 under saddle pictures.

There are also group discounts for 3+ sessions at the same barn. :)