Frequently Asked Questions - IF._.Photography

How do I purchase pictures?

If you would like to buy single photos, just click on the photo you'd like and in the bottom right corner will be a "buy" button. It will bring up a list of ways you can purchase. Click "downloads" if you'd like the digital copy.

If you'd like to order all the photos in the gallery, you'll have to use a computer. The button doesn't show up on phones. Click on your gallery and to the right of the title, there will be a "buy photos" button. That will bring up two options. Click on the "Buy gallery download" and add to cart.

Do you do portrait photography?

Yes! I do portraits as well as black background pictures and sale photos. I can even come out to your barn to take pictures of one of your lessons if you'd like.

Can I post the pictures I buy on social media?

Absolutely! As long as it's for personal use. However, if you'd like to use the picture in a sale ad, you'll have to buy the commercial download.

How do I use my ambassador code?

If you message me with your code, I'll send you a link with your desired pictures.